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The CRM Difference

Proactive Approach — At CRM, we don’t wait for the employer to call us. We take the initiative in handling claims as soon as we receive them. In addition, we continually review claims to make sure they are legitimate.

Detail-Oriented — We are extremely thorough in the handling of claims from beginning to conclusion. Our comprehensive reviews and the time we spend on each claim ensure that employers receive every advantage.

Highly Qualified People — We have knowledgeable, experienced professionals working on claims, assisting with administrative duties and representing our clients at hearings. We know when it is appropriate to bring an attorney to a case, and we work easily with our clients’ legal teams.

Legal Affiliation — At CRM, we offer more than an administrator to represent employers at hearings. If required, the law firm of Ross, Brittain & Schonberg provides expert legal counsel and represents employers at workers’ compensation hearings. Only lawyers can present legal arguments and cross-examine witnesses at a hearing. Early intervention in problem claims by Ross, Brittain & Schonberg lawyers helps to ensure that your workers’ compensation costs remain as low as possible.

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