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Consulting Services


Claim Audits

We conduct audits for several reasons. These include; decreases in frequency but increases in claim costs, high dollar claims, severe injury claims, reserve reviews and claims that seem to never close. The purpose of the audits are to set reserves to the proper level, identify claims that can close immediately, identify reasons for increased costs, make recommendations for changes to file handling that impacts on costs and to set specific plans of action to move files to closure.

Operational Assessments

Operational Assessments are a complete snap shot of a companies’ workers’ compensation program. The assessment includes a safety review, claim audit, communication assessment and a medical management review. When combined, the assessment will identify the causes of loss within the company, bottlenecks within the communication chain, problems with claim handling and opportunities with the medical management of injuries. It makes specific recommendations for change that will positively affect the cost of claims by changing the workers’ compensation program within the company. 

Salary Continuation

Learn how our unique salary continuation program can help control the cost of claims by controlling the treating physician.

Safety Reviews

Our safety reviews uncover the reasons for high frequency and make specific recommendations that eliminate frequency problems by reviewing company safety programs and by interviewing employees about the safety process within the company. We often find that the perception of safety by the employees does not match the reality of the safety program itself thus causing frequency problems. Remember, perception is reality. How is your safety perception?

Structured Settlements

Find out how your claims program can benefit by our unique use of structured settlements.

Medical Management

Find out how our professional staff of medical experts can reduce your costs by the proper management of the injury.

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